Week #2: I cook, therefore, I yam.

“When baking, follow directions.  When cooking, go by your own taste.”– Laiko Bahrs

I can’t tell the difference between Kool-Aid & jello.

I understand that one is a liquid & the other a somewhat indecisive solid, that one splats & the other splits. But in my mind’s eye, they are one in the same. This fact contributed to one of my most infamous culinary exploits*, but it also revealed how my mind’s eye rules my cook’s hands.

That’s a fancy way of saying I’m a visual cook. If I’ve seen or imagined something & have the basics of a recipe, I can usually figure out how to prepare it decently. If something needs to taste richer, add red. Sweeter? Try gold-colored things. I don’t know quite why or how my brain does this, but it works for me.

Hence (ooh, never used that word in a real sentence before, huzzah for me!), trying to figure out baking is like trying to follow a badly written tele-novella. Where does the flour go?! How come the eggs don’t end up scrambled-looking?! What purpose does baking powder serve?!?! No comprendo hornear y no me gusta. (+ points if you read that last sentence in Ricky Ricardo’s voice. If not, give it a try.)

The suggestion (thanks, Amelia!) that I bake a soufflé for an AN52 project, then, came as an inadvertently strenuous (thanks, Amelia!) challenge. I balked, I gawked, I sulked & then I realized I had no idea what else to do for this week. So, in the spirit of AN52, it shall be undertaken & chronicled with gusto. If I can’t do it right, I can do it enthusiastically 🙂 Check back at the end of the week for the hopefully un-sunk results!

*My mind has filed Jello & Kool-Aid as clear, red substances. So I accidentally applied the ‘goes-well-with-fruit’ rule, not to Jello, but to its twin. Unfortunately, inundating a jug of Kool-Aid with diced bananas & other fruit resulted in a Franken-juice that no one (including myself) would touch.

6 thoughts on “Week #2: I cook, therefore, I yam.

  1. Your chili was wonderful, but I guess that’s cooking, not baking.
    I agree with your Laiko Bahrs quote about baking and cooking. I think there’s something magical that happens while baked goods are in the oven. Maybe there’s a TSA-type agent in there who checks to make sure you packed the pan properly. If you experiment or cut corners, he stomps on the center or plays with the oven temperature without you knowing.
    By the way, I think the only difference between Kool-Aid and Jello is the gelatin that’s added to the latter. 🙂

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