Week #2 Report: The Rise & Fall



“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” – Vince Lombardi

Whew, so actually doing the projects that are the point of this blog is kind of hard. At the beginning of the week, (once the project was picked) I felt good. I planned to take the week to find recipes & then purchase & assemble  the soufflés on Saturday when I had time & $. Part A was simple enough, though I almost picked a French recipe (my new rule is never to use a recipe that requires ‘4 deciliters of very good milk’). I had my eye on that soufflé in the sky.

On Saturday, I wanted to use some of the free time I had to hang with a good friend, so when she was ready that afternoon, we went to pick up groceries. I felt pretty good as we returned to her house & then it was time to start baking.

But then her family was cooking lunch, so I figured I’d wait until they were done. Then there were visitors, then I changed my mind about recipes, then I got distracted working on a Pinterest for work (honestly, it was for work). Basically, a Saturday happened. When I finally started in, it was later in the evening & I began to feel that old collegiate sense of impending doom.

Just like in college, it all came down to rolling up my sleeves, donning an apron (I actually did for Screenprinting 101) & just doing it. The whole process was a series of triumphs—figuring out exactly how the mixer worked, getting my roux (a white sauce that’s actually yellow) to thicken, & discovering that mixing chocolate & egg yolks is pretty cool—& failures—sugaring the dish intended for my cheese soufflé & almost squishing an egg I put in my pocket. Finally & despite all my best efforts, I put forth 5 somewhat decent & moist soufflés. Who knew? I can bake soufflés!

So, project 2 conquered, whew! You can peruse pictures here. If you’re interested in giving the puffy pastry a whirl, here are my recipes for the cheese soufflé and for the chocolate soufflé. Let me know if you have any ideas for week 3!

6 thoughts on “Week #2 Report: The Rise & Fall

  1. Fantastic! The photos are great and the resulting souffles look delicious. After reading the recipe page, I’m even more impressed. Whew, I’m tired after Week 2, just reading how hard you’re working. Love you, Roberta!

  2. yay! see? you can bake. which was already an established fact because i have witnessed and consumed many yummy things you’ve made. but i’m glad they turned out well for you. 🙂

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