Week #11: Book ’em

“An original idea. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them.” – Stephen Fry
Beautiful weather is a curse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one I’ll gladly bear. But, it’s lovely outside &, therefore, I want to be outside. Blog posts don’t really happen when I’m outside—due to lack of internet & lack of focus on coming up with new thing ideas. I do have a list, but I’ve still been rather out of sorts about finding an original, clever idea to go with this week (I may have to start planning ahead *gasp!*).
Maybe I’m being too picky. I keep thinking of cooking things, but I’d rather not repeat similar things right away. Many things get crossed off because they’re not really original or incredibly compelling—tattoos & kissing in the rain may be new, but I’m not going to do them only for that reason. Also, I feel a lot of my posts lately have been heavily introspective or incredibly different, which are kind of main points for the blog.
I promise to start doing more interesting/fun things, but as it’s rather close to the eleventh hour for this week, that will start next week. So, this week, my AN52 attempt will be somewhat lame but somewhat James Dean-esque rebellion. I’m planning to sticky-note bomb a library by slipping notes of encouragement into random books for people to find later. & there’s nothing you can do to stop me—muahahahahahaaa!

Week #10: Hitting a low note (late post due to tech malfunction)

“Daddy sang bass, Mama sang tenor.” – Daddy Sang Bass by Johnny Cash

My dreams have been somewhat depressing lately. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re still kooky, jumbled bits of subconscious weaved into an entertaining story line—just with a lot more chasing & dismemberment than I’m used to. But I think it’s because of the cold; I read somewhere once that being cold while you sleep increases the likelihood of nightmares. While, it has been remarkable good weather, but it’s still a bit too chilly for me. Late nights at work have meant that I’m not really getting to see the niceness of the day either. So that’s three things I’m not a fan of—bad dreams, cold & long work hours.

But other than that, my life is going pretty well right now. We’re drifting into spring, which is almost summer, which is almost my birthday, which—well, I’m getting ahead of myself. God is teaching me new meanings for things I’ve always thought I’ve known & opening my eyes to help me see how He has always & is always walking alongside me. I have wonderful friends who love me & laugh at my jokes—especially the bad ones. I have managed to not miss a blog post for 10 weeks & right now there are pretty little birds not eight feet from me.

But the real butter on the corn is that in the Storysong musical I’m a part of (at Greenleaf, April 19-21; see me for tickets) I’ve been moved to the part of tenor in the choir. No you may be thinking, Wait, in a typical Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass arrangement, aren’t tenor & bass parts sung by boys because they’re the lowest? To which I would reply, “Yes, you’re correct. But let’s not forget mezz0-sopranos.”

Mezzo-sopranos are female singers with the ability to hit high soprano notes & lower alto notes (that’s my paraphrase, full description’s here).In school, I sang soprano because that is what girls did where I grew up & I could hit the high C’s. However, in the car, I’d belt it out with Toby Keith & Bobby Day. My mom encouraged me, but I still felt weird because it wasn’t like the other girls. Add to that a massive stage fright I’d picked up somewhere along the way & I was just a mess.

Until I got to college & professors like Prof. Carlson & Prof. Wilder pulled me out of my shell & into a wonderful world of deep, bluesy voices like Linda Ronstadt & Sarah Vaughan. I can’t thank them enough for their encouragement & all the work they poured into me. But until the Storysong switchover, I had never actually used my lower register in a choir setting. Making the switch has been a little difficult—why are the notes upside down & getting used to the bass clef—& humbling—I can’t hit all the low notes right off. But, it’s great & fun & the lowest high note I’ve ever hit in my life 😀

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