Week #13: Selling points

“Of course, nothing happens until somebody sells something.” – Jim Barksdale

One of my strengths is connectedness. Every day, life presents countless patterns, similarities & tie-ins from faces in the floor tile to really, really bad puns (so many really bad puns). An obvious pattern that my mom & I have continued for quite a while is our proclivity for green &/or Ford vehicles. As the list goes: green Ford van, green Ford mini-van, green Honda—& then finally as my addition—a green Plymouth Fury.

The Fury is a 1968 beast of a vehicle that used to belong to my grandfather. Luckily, it fit into the green machine line, but that was just a plus. I’ve always loved antique cars & now I had one of my own. That didn’t run. & was too far away from my brother for him to fix it. (& too far away from me for me to pretend to fix it.) I love the Fury, which is why I’m letting it go.

Or selling it to the highest bidder, to be more specific. My uber-mechanic brother suggested I use eBay, since the routes I was exploring would not have gotten me much money & involved selling it for scrap :S That would have been awful. So, this way the car is saved and I’ve got my new thing. If all goes well, someone gets a great hobby car & I get money to pay off school loans.

If you’d like to check it out, this link might work (technically the item hasn’t been listed yet). If that doesn’t work, just look up 1968 Plymouth Fury III on eBay tomorrow and hopefully it will show up 🙂


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