Week #17: One small step


Le Moonpie

“She calls me moonpie because I’m nummy-nummy & she could eat me up!” – Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

My dad used to call me Angelfish. I don’t really know where it came from, but then again, who ever knows where terms of endearment come from? Now, don’t get me wrong, there can be reasons behind these sobriquets, but honestly, common sense just walks right out the door. It’s like on TV’s The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon, a main character, is called ‘Moonpie’ by his grandmother (for the reason above). But seriously, doesn’t equating a grandchild to something you want to take a bite out of seem a little off?

Sociological oddities aside, the real reason I think Sheldon’s grandma is crazy is because Moonpies aren’t nummy-nummy. Until this week, I had never eaten one & rarely encountered one, but then my friend Jessica & I were perusing a QT & came across the little cultural icon. I was a little torn on whether or not I wanted this to be my ‘new thing’, since it seemed a little insignificant, but then I figured, “What the hey? Moonpies deserve love too.”

I was wrong. I should have known, as Jess pointed out the phrase ‘Chocolate flavored’ is rather worrisome. You can see reaction (i.e. yuck faces) live here (sorry, the wind was too loud). Basically I know I’ll never eat moonpies again & that’s OK. My grandkids will just have to put up with nicknames like ‘Bacon’ & ‘Tuna Salad Sandwich’.

2 thoughts on “Week #17: One small step

  1. ha ha. 🙂 my recollection of moonpies is that they’re crumbly and slightly gooey. maybe whoopie pies would taste better.

    my grandpa’s always called me “button.” “angelfish” is a fun one, though. 🙂

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