Week #19: Out loud

“I was hugely relieved to discover there was a purpose for girls with loud voices.” – Betty Buckley

Have you ever cracked up right before the beep when you’re trying to leave a message on someone’s answering machine & so all they get is 45 seconds of you laughing? Have you ever done that to a total stranger? I have. Freshman year in college, I worked as a telecounselor calling prospective students. I was about to leave a message on the family’s machine, when I heard a co-worker say, “Wait, we have a major in FArt?” (Our system’s abbreviation for Fine Arts). Rolls of laughter burst out of me, but I kept trying to say my spiel. Finally, one of the girls convinced me I’d done enough damage and I need to hang up.

The subtle irony of the situation is that I was really giving that student a good view of what college was like—at least for me. The best of my school memories are of loud, crazy fun with good friends. & that’s not by accident. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a rather boisterous person. I laugh frequently & talk like it’s my job. Luckily for me, it actually kind of was this week & that is my new thing.

One of my pastors at church asked me to do a voiceover for a video. I was a little hesitant because I think my voice sounds a trifle man-ish on recording. Overall, I’m glad I did it. I don’t think I’ll be adding “Professional Voiceover-er” to my resume, but it was a lot of fun & went really well 🙂

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