Week #21: Moving forward

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, & doing new things, because we’re curious & curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Currently in my life I do a lot of sitting. I sit at work, when I drive around, when I wait for my friends to wake up on Saturday mornings & when I’m writing blog posts, of course. Due to that (& probably a few other subconsciously mysterious factors), I’ve gotten a misconception of myself that I’m not really achieving much with my life right now. This comes to the front especially when I’m thinking of AN52 things & posts.

Most of this week, my head’s been buzzing with What cool ‘thing’ can I come up with? which has changed to What can I honestly fit in?. Ideas popped up, then fizzled as I realized they weren’t really that well thought through. The crunch time of Saturday morning loomed & seemed only to remind me that I had no idea what to blog about yet. Then I had to go to my apartment to let the carpet cleaners in & it dawned on me. I’m living AN52 every moment of every day.

Not only have I never hired someone in to clean my carpets, but I’m doing that because I’m moving out of my own apartment into a house with friends (both of which I’ve never done). Also this week marked my first time celebrating Geek Pride Day (May 25–complete with towel, Gryffindor shirt & ThinkGeek pin) & attending my high school Alumni Banquet (as an alumna).

I’m right smack in the middle of a beautiful part of my life right now, where simply living through each day brings little wonders & curiosity fuels learning about myself & the environment I’ve got to experience. It’s an awesome blessing & it helps remind me that my heavenly Father has a beautiful plan for me that’s not waiting somewhere for me to stumble across. It’s under my feet right now & that’s a whole new realization.


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