Week #22: Mirror, mirror

“Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” – Ronald Reagan

I’ve never broken a bone in my life—at least not one that I think counts. An elbow during a high school basketball game did break my nose, but it doesn’t really count for me. #1, it didn’t bleed/bruise/hurt really badly & #2, the only way I discovered it was broken was that my mom knew it was. No, her ‘mom-sense’ wasn’t tingling, she just knew my face—or more specifically, my nose—looked different. I thought she was overreacting, but when she was vindicated by some X-rays, I had to admit she knew my face better than I did.

That kind of shocked me, because I’ve never been shy of a mirror & I thought I could apply that old ‘like the back of my hand’ axiom to the front of my face. All the time when I was growing up, I loved pulling faces at myself & enjoyed an Anne-like affinity for my reflection friend. By feeling what I was doing with my face, I could get a mental image of what it looked like. Let’s bypass vanity & call it self-awareness, less of  a kryptonite & more of a super power.

A super power, which I’m hoping will kick into high gear this week as I go the entire week without looking at my reflection in a mirror. Sure, it will be difficult since they’re everywhere (don’t worry, I’ll still use my driving mirrors), but I think this will be a fun challenge (& I’ll be able to find out who my friends are—if I have something in my teeth, tell me!). Tune in at the end of the week—to see my reflections & any new insight—yay, puns!

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