Week #41: Days of yore

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” — Søren Kierkegaard

The idea of nostalgia will always be linked in my mind with a really badly designed, ’90s-esque envelope I saw once. It had flowers, lace & pearls interspersed potpourri spilled across a table. & horrible typography. Irony arises, however, because I’m a pretty nostalgic person (for everything but that hideous envelope). Objects have lives & their histories make them intriguing. People have stories & the tales they tell are intriguing. Places have romance & that makes ’em—you guessed it—romantic 😉

This week was filled with multiple multiples, all on a nostalgic bend. I went to the Renaissance Festival twice this week. I’ve never gone twice in one week (or wore two different costumes for each). It was enjoyable to be able to go with multiple friend groups, but all of that work came with a slew of other activities & requirements, & I’m plumb tuckered. A second thing that I’ve never done before is watch 3 of the 4 Pride & Prejudice movie common versions. I watched the 1980 BBC version, the 1996 A&E (Colin Firth/5-hour) version, & the 2005 (Kiera Knightley/epic) version within 2 days. I’ll admit that’s rather fanatical, but to any Austen fan who can do so, I highly recommend it. The nuances & story choices made in each of the separate films illuminated aspects I never noticed of the overall story. Like a kaleidoscope, each shifting lens throws a different, beautiful picture into view.

While the somewhat brash & in-your-face ‘history’ of the Ren Fest & Austen’s subtle Victorian history don’t line up, taking a moment to live in them now is one of one of life’s little gifts ❤

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