Weeks #6-8 Reports

Week #6: A rock to remember report:

My jar of mini-Ebenezers (reminders of God’s provision & faithfulness) turned out great. You can see pics on Flickr.

Week #7: Business formal report:

The Addy’s Award show that I attended as a ‘creative’ (fancy word for people who do art stuff) for Premier. It was definitely a ‘party’ party with an open bar & lively music, a combination which I have about 0 experience with. A mini-AN52 project presented itself when I got thirsty. I had to ask for a bottled water at the bar, only after asking one of the guys leaning on it if there was a line.

The video that Premier put forth got a silver (so, yay!) & Lynnae (a fellow employee) & I got free candy from the candy table. More info & pics on Flickr.

Week #8: Growing pains report:

Car rental places are age-ists, even when you have a receipt. Unfortunately, when I walked into Avis with my online reservation receipt printed out, it was not long before I had to walk right back out again sans vehicle. I found out that you cannot rent a car at most places without a big name credit card. Since the only credit card I have (see week #3) is only for Firestone, that didn’t do me any good. A few dealers will rent using a debit card, but only if you’re over 25 (which I’m not).

So, I scrapped that plan & drove the van home instead. As a side note, I guess I was still driving discombobulated because I almost got into a wreck on the way to Manhattan (nothing major, just a case of not realizing that I had no lane to merge into). & less you think that I missed a week of AN52, fear not. I took part in a cake walk (which I had never done) on Saturday & thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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