Week #28: Curse of Thinking Ahead

“No reason to stay, is a good reason to go.” – Unknown

Do you ever fall asleep in a car, only to wake up & feel like you’ve been run over? That’s one of the things that I did this weekend (that’s not my new thing, I’ve done it before :S). I also tried to learn to whistle with my fingers. I say ‘try’ because while I got closer than I ever thought I could have, I was not successful in achieving a whistle. So what did I do? Well, about a month ago I didn’t anticipate having anything to do this weekend, so I agreed to accompany some friends to one of their friend’s weddings. Before today I’d never been to the wedding of someone who I don’t know. (It’s kind of an inside joke now because I also attended his college graduation & my friend forgot to introduce me to him). It was interesting, but somewhat awkward, especially going through the ‘Greet the bride & groom’ line. I realized too late that it would have been awesome to do an accent & pretend that I didn’t speak English or say I was someone I wasn’t, but aw well. I didn’t tell them my name, so they still don’t know who I am, but I did sign the guestbook, so they’ll have fun figuring that out.

I’m sorry that such a weary weekend resulted in a rather lackluster AN52 thing, but thankfully, a friend gave me 2,001 Things to Do Before You Die this week, so yay for the plethora of ideas 🙂

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