Week #32: Frivolous, fantastic facts

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” – Dr. Seuss

What’s the purpose of a salad fork? Is it just unnecessary extravagance or is there a higher calling? We love to have things customized, specialized to be just right. Like when I was in elementary school & was convinced I had like 10 different laughs. The donkey, the giggle, the hyper-ventilator—each one had its own purpose & specific use. It was all bupkus, but enjoyable bupkus nonetheless.

Frivolity & nonsense on small things is one of the rights  we should all take payment out often, I think. Even though I believe this, explaining this next AN52 thing to interested parties was a bit ticklish on my embarrassment bone. A bunch of my friends are LARPers & I can now say that I am one too. LARPing or Live Action Role-Playing is where groups of people come together in a grand adventure of make-believe & duct tape. It’s not all ‘lightning bolts‘ & crazy costumes, but it is at least some, because that’s part of the fun of it.

With my typical style, I created my five characters each to have customized outfits, accents, weapons, specialties, etc. At least, that’s the general idea; as is also my style, I ran out of time & had to cut corners on a few things (hemming went right out the door). The general idea of the LARP was a medieval world inhabited by humans, elves & darklings (malevolent tree huggers); for an added interest factor, assassination & general roguishness were encouraged. Rosie was a somewhat vacuous, yet romantically-inclined & well intentioned to a fault barmaid. Huna the Peddler picked the middle of a battle to sell trinkets & then got slaughtered by a wraith. My token darkling, Orem, wandered around the woods for a bit & re-deaded a zombie. Phil the thief was shaping up to be one of my favorite characters in the first & only minute of her life right before she got assassinated. Gwenog was a deceptive assassin with a dark secret & the only one of my characters to actually score a kill. Even though I died & died (& died & died &…), the LARP was hot, dusty, scratchy & a ton of fun. I didn’t know several of the other LARPers, but the ‘into-it-ness’ was evident from the guy wearing the entire get up (including leather ankle armor) to the 11-year-old boys who were living & breathing their characters.

LARPing has taken hold as the epitome of dorkiness, geekiness, weirdness, & dances on the outlying social standards of acceptability. It’s superfluous & yet gets tons of time & money poured into it (like fantasy football). It’s frivolous, fantastic & totally necessary.

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