Week #15: It’s a happenin’ spot…

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” – Mark Twain

Sandra Bullock speaks German. Seriously, she does. Maybe that doesn’t blow anybody else’s mind, but it sure does mine. To me, people on TV & movies are like teachers were to me when I was young. They don’t really exist outside of the sphere in which you encounter/interact with them. My elementary school teachers didn’t have knees that actually existed (because a teacher never wears shorts), they never sweat (except the P.E. variety) & they didn’t have first names (unless you count Mrs.). People on TV are like that; they’re talking faces, they’re somewhere else, they don’t actually exist. But I exist & this week, I got on TV, for the whole world (or at least KC Metro area) to see.

It’s all due to the contest that the magazine I work for entered. Walmart had over 4,000 entries in their Get on the Shelf contest & we’ve made it to the top 10. The Kansas City Star came out & interviewed us & even put a picture of Becca, our managing editor, & myself in the paper. Then KCTV-5 & Channel 4 also wanted to put our story on the air. This is our 15 minutes & it has been surreal. I’m so glad & thankful that we’re getting the exposure & that people are voting (have you voted today? Do it here). I never thought anything like this would ever happen, but, as is typical, God has other plans for what comes to be in the space of “happening”. His scope, His power, His love & His plans are so much bigger than we can ever conceive & He arranges the days for us. Now, that blows my mind 🙂

Week #12 Update:

I sold my car on Tuesday for about 5 times what I originally thought I would get for it. The buyers are coming to pick it up tomorrow; makes me feel kind of grown up—or it may be the fact that I’ve had to jump through a million paper work hoops. Thanks to my brother for suggesting eBay & to my mom for all her help in making this happen.

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