Week #6: A Rock to Remember

“Geologists have a saying—rocks remember.” – Neil Armstrong

I was going to be Mrs. Prince Eric (from The Little Mermaid fame) from the time I was 5 to about 8. I don’t know why, but I was crazy about The Little Mermaid. I even had one of those Ariel dolls that I used to play with a lot. But she was lonely without Eric & she also knew that I liked him much better than her. But the Eric doll was just not in any of the stores, anywhere. Even though Mom looked & looked, things were pretty tight back then & we couldn’t really have afforded a new Eric doll anyway. It looked like Ariel & I were going to have to get used to each other when Mom found him—a perfectly dressed, low-priced Prince Eric doll in great shape—in a flea market of all places. To me it was just, Yay! I got what I wanted!, but to Mom, it was my Heavenly Father looking out for us through a kind of difficult time. That has always been one of the stories that my mom has pointed to as a mark of God’s providing love.

The Hebrews used to raise stone altars to help remind them of times or places that God had stepped in in a big way. Like in 1 Samuel when the Israelites had just repented of their sins & were faced with attacking Philistines. God threw the Philistines into a panic and the Israelites trounced them soundly. “Then Samuel took a stone & set it up between Mizpah & Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far the LORD has helped us.’ ” (1 Sam 7:12). Now unless you think that Samuel was a Dickens fan, Ebenezer actually means ‘stone of help’. That’s why in the hymn Come Thou Fount, the line reads, “Here I raise mine Ebenezer, hither by Thy help I’ve come.”

God knows how quickly we as people forget or lose focus. He knows that He will always be there for us, but sometimes we need something to remind us & to help teach future generations. I have had God intervene in so many ways to bless me & draw me back to Him in my life, yet I still have moments of doubt, fear & panic. This week, I’m raising my Ebenezer in a tangible way. With a glass jar, some rocks & paper, I’m going to make mini Ebenezers to record those times where I’ve seen most clearly that Yes, He has helped me this far. I need reminders, visible, heavy, rocky reminders. I forget, I lose focus. I morph prayers into show tunes in my head. So that means, at least for this week & to help get past my ADD brain, here I raise mine Ebenezer.

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