Week #40: One day to ruin them all

“The best-laid plans of mice & men often go awry…” – Robert Burns (paraphrase)

I had a crazy dream this morning about a dream that I had dreamt the night before (which I actually hadn’t, but I really believed that I had). It was very involved & complex & completely insane—so perfect for a dream. Having a fairly open Saturday with a funky dream was a lovely blessing. I woke up smiling & had time to get things done. Or so I thought.

After last week’s post about doing things ahead of time, I’ve kept working on my costume, which I thought would get done today. I had planned to use sewing in the zipper or making sugar glass (for treats for a Halloween party tonight) as my AN52 thing. Emphasis on planned. Today turned into one of those sneaky days where you’re off your guard because you think everything is going well right until it all explodes in your face. The pattern for my costume got me about 80% of the way done until I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to prep the back for the zipper. By that time I had to start getting ready for the party & making my muffins & the set up for my sugar glass. That was about 3 hours ago & I’m still waiting for it to solidify. Now I’m super late for the party, with cupcakes I tried to make scary, but that really just look horrifying because they’re supposed to be food, a gaping hole in the back of my costume & none of the anticipated AN52 things achieved with minus 3-ish hours left. (Sorry for the run-on sentence, I think it’s a side effect of the stinkiness of the day.)

But I gave everything the old college try—last minute, yep that’s college. Yet, there’s still good in this day & it’s worth fighting for. Even though it’s definitely clutching at straws, I’m counting my new thing this week as purchasing The Hobbit. As a self-professed geeky nerd of nerdy geekness, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never owned it before. I have read it via libraries a time or two. But I now can earmark my own copy & save it for my kids & not pay fines on it no matter how long I take to read it. Either way, it’s a small comfort, like a ring in a coat pocket or the tale of a nine-fingered hobbit after a long journey.

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