Week #30: Watch me now

“There are three things which the public will always clamor for, sooner or later: namely, novelty, novelty, novelty.” – Thomas Hood

So the 2012 Olympiad has begun & eyes across the world are fixed on all sorts of sports & similar activities. Now gymnastics, track & field, swimming, or equestrian events are crowd favorites (maybe I’m the only one who fancies the equestrian events). But there are some sports that just seem to be novelty sports, like 1992’s solo synchronized swimming or race walking. Now, I’m not saying either of those aren’t sports, I’m just saying let’s stop & think about what this entails doing in public. People will do crazy things for glory, fame, & little shiny circles on the ends of ribbons.

But I shouldn’t really comment because this week I’ve done something almost equally ridiculous in front of a whole lot of public & I’m not sure if the reasons were any better. The interns at the company I work for decided to put on a flash mob for the teen girl magazine that we produce. They organized the entire thing & so all I had to do was learn the dance (choreographed to Christmas music) & show up with a friend.

Our group hit up Union Station with a vengeance; composed mostly of the SUSIE staff & local readers (though a few gentlemen were in attendance as well), it reached about 35 members, but felt like 50. It was exhilarating to have that 007 secret agent feeling & I kept wondering if the people I saw walking around were in on the flash mob or not. When the music started, I was pumped & ran into position, ready to go. My face was stuck in a huge, albeit nervously twitchy, smile. In a twirly section of the dance, I got distracted by the guy behind me in business attire & couldn’t help but laugh. Flash mobs really are great equalizers. At the finale, we struck our poses & then dispersed. Mob managed, awesomeness achieved. It was nerve-wracking, brilliant & one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in public. Take that, Larry Young.

Week #15: It’s a happenin’ spot…

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” – Mark Twain

Sandra Bullock speaks German. Seriously, she does. Maybe that doesn’t blow anybody else’s mind, but it sure does mine. To me, people on TV & movies are like teachers were to me when I was young. They don’t really exist outside of the sphere in which you encounter/interact with them. My elementary school teachers didn’t have knees that actually existed (because a teacher never wears shorts), they never sweat (except the P.E. variety) & they didn’t have first names (unless you count Mrs.). People on TV are like that; they’re talking faces, they’re somewhere else, they don’t actually exist. But I exist & this week, I got on TV, for the whole world (or at least KC Metro area) to see.

It’s all due to the contest that the magazine I work for entered. Walmart had over 4,000 entries in their Get on the Shelf contest & we’ve made it to the top 10. The Kansas City Star came out & interviewed us & even put a picture of Becca, our managing editor, & myself in the paper. Then KCTV-5 & Channel 4 also wanted to put our story on the air. This is our 15 minutes & it has been surreal. I’m so glad & thankful that we’re getting the exposure & that people are voting (have you voted today? Do it here). I never thought anything like this would ever happen, but, as is typical, God has other plans for what comes to be in the space of “happening”. His scope, His power, His love & His plans are so much bigger than we can ever conceive & He arranges the days for us. Now, that blows my mind 🙂

Week #12 Update:

I sold my car on Tuesday for about 5 times what I originally thought I would get for it. The buyers are coming to pick it up tomorrow; makes me feel kind of grown up—or it may be the fact that I’ve had to jump through a million paper work hoops. Thanks to my brother for suggesting eBay & to my mom for all her help in making this happen.

Week #14: Almost famous

“As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both.” – Bono

I think I know why my coworkers think I’m crazy. I’ve lived by myself too long (even when I had roommates) & my head runs a constant stream of commentary, jokes & theat-ah. I’ve always appreciated my own sense of humor immensely & it’s difficult for me to keep the hilarity inside, so I often break out in giggles & nonsensical comments. Which apparently is crazy. I’m blessed to work in an environment where crazy is accepted.

Working with SUSIE Magazine, the fun comes along with something that really matters. We get to affect the lives of thousands of teen girls throughout the world. I love it, but I never thought it would make me famous. About a month ago, SUSIE entered Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest. One among 4,000 entrants all trying to get sold in Walmart, it felt like a shot in the dark. But with the support of our awesome readers & several RTs from famous people (TobyMac RT’d us?!?!), we ended up in the top 10 to go on to the second round.

The next thing you know we’re making a video for Walmart to distribute nationally & a reporter from the Kansas City Star is dropping in to interview us. I have never had the potential* to be this famous. What a new thing (& I basically had nothing to do with it)! Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head!

* Help me be even more potentially famous—vote in the Final round April 11-23 at http://www.getontheshelf.com/!

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