Week #39: Something new

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” – William Shakespeare

AN52 has (successfully) reached its 39th week & that’s rather astounding to me. If I had wanted to have a baby instead of a blog, he/she would be about ready to make his/her debut by now. Oh, well 🙂 There have been big AN52 things & little things, but one rather consistent factor is timing—more specifically the majority of ‘last minute’ posts.

The fact that I’m not great with time (& the management of it) is nothing new. When I’m super famous & someone makes an action figure of me, “If I’m not late, I’m not coming” is will be one of its catchphrases. It’s not that I don’t try to be punctual/prepared/perfectly primped, pressed & polished, it’s just that my brain is wired a little differently & so things get a bit wobbly. Some people say they do better under pressure. I’m not sure that’s the case for me, but nothing’s exploded yet & my friends are gracious enough to bear with “Roberta time”.

But this week, I surprised myself. My AN52 thing is the fact that I’ve currently started piecing together a costume that I don’t need for another 2.5 weeks! This may seem a trifling matter, but honestly, I’ve never legitimately started a personal project more than a week in advance. It’s a strange sensation to be able to go to sleep without finishing the project, because I don’t absolutely have to have it for tomorrow. & it’s quite a blessing because I want this outfit to come together well, which means a lot of time invested. I’ve already done about 7-8 hours of work & am still on the tip of the iceberg. But it’s OK, because I have time. It’s a strange sensation, but I think I kind of like it. Especially the part where I get to sleep more! (Couldn’t say that if I’d had a baby :))

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